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Welcome to the former website of the Eternal Gospel Society (Why EGS?). Our new website is We have good news to announce to those who want to cause forced abortion to stop (forced abortion is the illegal act of making a female get an abortion against her will). You can read our announcement by clicking on the button below.

The Annunciation of the Way
to Cause Abortion to Cease

Our logo depicts who we are. We are the mediators between the two sides of the divided church, the 'pro-life' side and the 'pro-choice' side. As mediators, we cannot be on either side. We simply mediate, and the settlement agreement, which we propose to both sides, is a bipartisan bill of law called the Right to Choose Life Act. You can read it by clicking on the button below.

The Right to Choose Life Act

Finally, we have created a petition for the RTCL Act. By signing the petition, you sign the settlement agreement, which we propose to both sides of the divided church. Our Lord Jesus Christ says, "Settle with your opponent quickly while you are on the way to court with him" (Mat. 5:25), and that is exactly what we are trying to help you do. To see the petition, please click the button below.

The Right To Choose Life Petition

If you have signed the petition, then please check your email* on Mother's Day 2022; because that's when we plan to remind you that the second biennial RTCL petition has come out. Also, please discern prayerfully whether you are being called, as we were, to be a mediator between the two sides of the divided church. Once each side has settled with the other, the church will no longer need mediators, because it will no longer be divided.

* The email was sent to those 216 individuals on 5/8, but as of 6/2, very few of them had signed the new petition. About 8 of the emails no longer existsed. Who knows how many went to spam inboxes and how many individuals don't even check those email accounts, being that email accounts tend to get cluttered with tons of junk email. As of 6/2, the new petition only has 12 signatures. However, the number of people who have given us a legitimate reason to not sign the petition continues to be 0. Therefore, we will keep on keeping on, asking God to show us how to get the word out.

Last modified 6/2/2022